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In this article, we have provided all the necessary updates and information about the popular personality Sasha Whitten. Let’s read about her biography in detail.

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Who is SASHA WHITTEN in real life?

Sasha Whitten is a teen and the daughter of David Whitten and Countess Vaughn. Her grandparents’ names are Leo Vaughn and Sandra Vaughn. She was born in the United States of America in August 2009. So, technically, she is a thirteen-year-old girl who will turn fourteen in the coming year. Her mother, Countess Vaughn, is a singer and actress as well as a struggling media figure.

Full Name Sasha Whittne
Date of Birth 8th August 1978
Gender Female gender
Famous for Daughter of a Celerity Star
Nationality United States of America (USA)
Profession Media Industry
Religion Not known
Name of Father David Whitten
Name of Mother Countess Vaughn
Number of Siblings Not Updated
Name of Grandparents Leo Vaughn and Sandra Vaughn
Age Thirteen years old girl (13)
Zodiac sign Leo
Net Worth of Mother $900 Thousand
Education Not Known
Ethnicity Not Available
Eye color Not Known
Height Not Known
Hair Color Not Known
Weight Not Known

Sasha Whitten: Early life

Sasha Whitten was born in California, USA, in 2009. She is Countess Vaughn’s and David Whitten’s daughter. Her older brother’s name is Jaylan James. Sasha is now 13 years old and continues to attend school.

SASHA WHITTEN: Family Lineage & Background

Countess Vaughn, the mother of this adolescent, Sasha Whitten, is regarded as an all-rounder in the television media industry. Her mother, in reality, is from the tourist town of Idabel, which is located in the southeast corner of Oklahoma, United States. Additionally, this location is known as the county seat of McCurtain County. Returning to her biography, Lady Countess began her career early in her life.  Her roles in the projects as Kim Parker and Alexandria Dewitt became the ultimate source of her recognition and renown.

Personal Life of her Mother – Countess Vaughn

Countess Vaughn is a well-known American artist, singer, and a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. She started her career as a singer when she was three years old. Meanwhile, in 1981, she began practicing in a church. Her hometown was located in the southeast part of Oklahoma, in the United States of America. Her biological parents, on the other side, are Leo and Sandra Vaughn, who also live in Idabel.

At the age of nine, she was able to win the junior vocalist champion contest by singing the song “I’ll be there” despite numerous challenges and adversity. This served as the impetus for her future successful path. Because of this, she was cast in the fantastic part of Alexandria Dewitt in the fourth season of an NBC sitcom.

In the beginning, she married Joseph James in 2002. However, their connection became useless and did not end well. As a result, they both agreed to separate ways and care for their son in the future. Sasha, on the other hand, was conceived later with her ex-fiance David Whitten. Lady Countess battled with a hair loss condition caused by the use of various types of wigs. Furthermore, she had to deal with her enormous appearance while her NBC season was airing.

SASHA WHITTEN: Career and Education

There isn’t much information on Sasha or her family. Her mother has kept her away from the media, therefore she is not on social media at the moment. She is presently in middle school. Her mother is both frigid and gregarious, and she frequently expresses her joy at being a mother to Sasha and Jaylan.

SASHA WHITTEN: Social Media & Body Measurements Age, Height, and Weight

Sasha Whitten’s parents are concerned about her privacy and confidentiality as the daughter of a public celebrity. As a result, the entire family, including Sasha, does not actively participate in any social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. Her body measurements, age, height, and weight, however, are not currently available on the internet.


People want to meet Sasha because of her mother’s prominence and her extraordinary career as an actor and singer on television. She has a few images with her mother and brother, which have piqued the interest of many individuals who want to learn more about her.

SASHA WHITTEN: Relationship Scenes & Dating

Sasha Whitten is not meant to be in a love relationship because she is a teenager. So, in the present timeframe, she is leading and enjoying her early period of life to the fullest.

SASHA WHITTEN: Net Worth and Profession

Sasha is the single daughter of Countess Vaughn, a professional and well-known personality who makes a good salary of over $900,000 per year. As previously noted, this is due to the fact that she began her career in her early years of life and subsequently succeeded in her job. 


Overall, because Sasha Whitten is still extremely young, there isn’t much information about her online. For the time being, we know she is the daughter of Countess Vaughn and David Whitten, and she is supposedly admired by many people!

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