Steps To Follow For A Successful Kitchen Remodel Process

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen at your Bay Area home? There could be too much countertop clutter and general doom & gloom in the cooking space. These are indicators the space needs remodeling work. There is nothing to be disheartened as you can always seek help from professionals offering kitchen remodeling Bay Area. With a professional remodeling team, you can plan for a major overhaul of this space.

For a successful kitchen remodeling project, you need to follow some basic steps and you must know the details before the execution of the project. You can discuss it with the remodeling team working on your project. Here are the details for readers.

Be clear about the must haves:

There could be too many things on your mind as you are planning a kitchen remodeling. You must prepare a list of things, you need for this space. It could be anything from having granite countertops to enhancing storage. You must prepare a list of essentials necessary for this space and hand it over to the team working on your project.

Get the layout right: 

A good kitchen should always be functional and only after that, you can plan the aesthetics. Hence, it is important to get the layout right for your remodeled cooking space. Here are some of the popular layouts for the kitchen space and you can select accordingly.

  • The galley layout
  • L-Shaped layout
  • U-Shaped layout
  • Island layout
  • Peninsular layout
  • One wall kitchen

The galley layout defines simplicity while the L-shaped layout would be appropriate for smaller space. You can consult your kitchen remodeling Bay Area team and decide accordingly.


This is also another thing to consider before executing a kitchen remodeling project. You must allocate a budget for the job and try to stick to it. Are you planning significant projects that will involve tampering with the load-bearing walls? You must be ready to meet unforeseen scenarios for bigger projects. Experts insist on the need to spare aside 20% more cash to meet such expenses.

Obtaining the permits:

This is now you step back and the kitchen remodeling Bay Area team takes over. Before the execution of the project, it is essential to obtain the permits. If you are planning any demolition of the load-bearing walls, it will need a building permit. If you are adding or shifting the position of the electrical or plumbing infrastructure, it will need separate permits. The team will coordinate with the City Inspector and get the necessary approvals to legalize your project.

The execution stage:

This is the moment, your kitchen remodeling project starts and you must be ready to handle some construction debris. The team will seal off the area but still could be some flying debris and noise. Hence, if there are sensitive people or pets, you would perhaps have to shift them elsewhere. Here is the process of work for the complete demolition and rebuild of this space.

  • Demolition
  • Structural buildout
  • Mechanical rough-in
  • The walls and ceiling now come up
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Install cabinets & countertops
  • Move-in the appliances

This is more or less the process to follow for a complete kitchen remodel. If you avail of the services of an experienced kitchen remodeling team, it should be smooth.


These are the steps to follow for a complete kitchen remodeling project. You must be clear about how you want the remodeled kitchen to be. The remodeling team working on your project will prepare the designs and show them to you. If everything is fine, they will obtain the permits and execute the project as per your specifications. You will love to cook in the remodeled kitchen area.

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