Why Should We Hire You? Here are 10 Tips on Answering Common Interview Question

Recognize your Strengths

It is recommended to allocate some time before the interview to identify your strengths and assess how well they align with the job requirements. Please consider your proficiencies and qualifications that make you the best candidate for the position. This approach may be helpful in providing accurate examples and evidence to answer the question.

Conduct an in-Depth Study of the Organization.

Do not go into an interview without first learning everything you can about the company. Check over their social media pages, read their mission statement, and look at their website. This will shed light on the fundamental values and overarching culture of the organization.

Pay Attention to the Job Criteria.

Thoroughly read the job description and discern the essential prerequisites for the position. Utilize the criteria to structure your response and demonstrate how your competencies and professional background align with the organization’s desired qualifications. This will prove your comprehensive comprehension of the job and ability to fulfill the role’s requirements.

Give Concrete Examples

When responding to the inquiry, relying on more than just broad assertions regarding your competencies and background is advisable. To effectively support your arguments, it is recommended that you provide concrete examples from your previous professional or academic experiences. This would give the interviewer an enhanced comprehension of your competencies and potential value to the organization.

Please Enumerate your Accomplishments.

It is advisable to confidently discuss one’s achievements and their relevance in showcasing their aptitude for the position. Possible academic rewrite: This may encompass various forms of recognition, such as accolades, advancements, or accomplished undertakings. By emphasizing your accomplishments, you will demonstrate to the interviewer that you possess a track record of success and the ability to produce outcomes.

Demonstrate your Eagerness

Employers seek to recruit individuals who exhibit a strong sense of enthusiasm toward their job responsibilities. Utilize the interview to showcase your spirit for the position and the organization. The author expresses confidence regarding the opportunity and highlights their potential to generate a favorable outcome. Demonstrating motivation and commitment to the work during an interview can positively influence the interviewer’s perception of the candidate.

Have Confidence Without Being Arrogant.

When responding to the inquiry, achieving the appropriate equilibrium between self-assurance and overbearing behavior is crucial. It is imperative to demonstrate one’s competence and self-assurance to the interviewer while avoiding the perception of being conceited or self-aggrandizing.

Place Greater Emphasis on Your Interpersonal Skills.

Apart from technical competencies, numerous employers also emphasize soft skills encompassing communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Demonstrating a diverse skill set and exhibiting proficiency in collaborative work can convey to the interviewer that you possess a comprehensive range of abilities and can function efficiently in a team-oriented environment.

Put Out a Question

Upon responding to the inquiry, seize the chance to inquire the interviewer about the position and the organization. This action will indicate your enthusiasm toward the job and your commitment to acquiring further knowledge. Moreover, it will allow you to amass additional data regarding the organization, enabling you to customize your response more effectively.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Ultimately, the fundamental aspect of responding to the inquiry “What makes you the ideal candidate for this position?” with self-assurance is through consistent rehearsal. Before the interview, allocate sufficient time to engage in rehearsal exercises. Engaging in self-recording or practice sessions with a companion from one’s social circle is advisable. For this, you can also seek help from Resume Writing Malaysia.


Ultimately, the inquiry “What makes you the ideal candidate for this position?” presents a chance for individuals to highlight their proficiencies, competencies, and professional background. Implementing the above strategies will significantly increase your likelihood of excelling in your upcoming employment interview and successfully obtaining the desired position.

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