Touring a Wedding Venue: How to Make the Most of the Venue Visit

Finding a wedding venue is one of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding. Although the process begins with thorough online research and short-listing the venue options, the real pleasure begins when you start touring the places. Irrespective of the theme you are planning to pick for your big day and the kind of celebrations you are planning, it is necessary to check the smallest details of the venue to make an informed decision.

Remember that touring the venue is just one aspect of the wedding preparations and you will likely have dozens of other tasks to accomplish. So, how to make the most of your tour to wedding venues in Houston TX? Here is what you need to know.

make an appointment

1. Make an Appointment and Carry a Notepad

Don’t just drop by the elegant wedding venues in Houston that you have shortlisted. Make an appointment with the owners so that you can spend adequate time in each venue and explore their distinct characteristics. Often, the simplest and most ordinary-looking venue may offer some fantastic surprising elements that you can die for to make the wedding occasion unique.

A stunning façade, a hidden courtyard, or an intimate garden may make you speechless. If you fail to make an appointment, the owners may not have time to show each area of the venue carefully. Carrying a notebook is essential to note down the features and attributes of each banquet hall or else you may confuse all the options and fail to select a place that your heart desires. You can also carry a digital device to note down the features faster.

ask question during the tour

2. Questions to Ask During the Tour

One of the reasons you may prefer visiting the wedding reception venues in Houston is to clarify the queries about the venue. But you need to prepare the list of questions in advance to avoid skipping the most important ones. Here are a few questions that you must not forget to ask the venue owner:

  1. How long is the venue available on the wedding day?
  2. Is it possible to host the wedding and the reception in the same venue?
  3. Does the venue owner offer consolidated wedding packages or charge for each service separately?
  4. What are the services included in the cost?
  5. Are there limits to serving food and alcohol on the wedding occasion?
  6. Are there restrictions on noise?
  7. Do they offer parking facilities for the wedding guests?
  8. Does the venue have a well-organized dressing room for the bride and the bridesmaids?

There may be plenty of other questions lurking in your mind. Make sure you get the answers for the most important ones to select the venue as quickly as possible.

cost of the venue

3. Find Out the Average Cost of the Venue

If you are searching for affordable wedding venues in Houston, one part of your query should be related to the cost of hiring the place. Some locations have different tiers or packages to choose from. You need to get a ball-parked amount for hiring the venue as it will play a major role in choosing the destination. Don’t feel hesitant to discuss your budget with the venue owner so that you can reach closer to your goal.

venue accommodate

4. How Many Guests Can the Venue Accommodate?

It’s your big day and you surely do not want to leave out the names of your loved and dear ones from the guest list. But the question you need to ask the venue owner during the site tour is the number of people it can accommodate. If you are planning to choose a sizeable venue but want to keep the occasion an intimate one, will the venue owners prepare the layout to avoid too many vacant areas? If you need an experienced team to arrange the décor of the wedding venue with any guest count, trust Azul Reception Hall. Located a few miles away from the city of Houston, they are a full-service company offering a wide range of services on wedding and reception occasions.

miscellaneous aspects

5. Miscellaneous Aspects

Once you finish asking the most important questions about the best reception halls in Houston TX, go ahead and check the cleanliness, the attitude of the staff, whether they are coercing you to book the venue, and check the overall experience of the previous guests.

Are you feeling happy after touring the wedding venues? Find out if you are feeling torn and down about a few venues that you shortlisted. Listen to your gut feelings, be practical, and talk to your spouse-to-be and the family to make an informed decision.

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