Verna Garver: The Life and Legacy Behind Clint Walker’s First Wife

In the golden era of Hollywood, there existed tales of unsung heroes and hidden figures who, despite dwelling outside the spotlight, significantly impacted the lives of celebrated stars. One such individual was Verna Garver Walker, known best as the former wife of the renowned actor and singer, Clint Walker. Born on April 16, 1927, in Anna, Illinois, Verna’s life story intertwines with an era of love, family, and a connection to a legendary figure that defined an era of cinematic history.

Early Years and Family Roots

Verna Garver hailed from a family of three sisters, where she held the position of the youngest. Her roots traced back to Anna, Illinois, where she grew up alongside her older sisters, Vera Luella Garver West and Virginia Lee Garver Wallace. Their parents, Jesse Albert Garver and Cuba Mabel St. John Garver, played vital roles in shaping their lives. Verna’s upbringing in this small town marked the beginning of a journey that would eventually connect her with Clint Walker, altering the course of her life in ways unforeseen.

The Enigmatic Love Story with Clint Walker

Verna’s path converged with Clint Walker, whose rise to fame came long after their marriage. Their union, beginning in 1948, unfolded over two decades, bearing witness to the birth of a daughter named Valerie. Their lives intertwined in matrimony until their parting ways in 1968, marking the end of a chapter that preceded Clint’s widespread acclaim. Despite the marriage dissolving before Clint’s ascent to stardom, Verna’s name resonates to this day as a significant figure associated with the illustrious actor.

A Glance at Clint Walker’s Journey

Born in Hartford, Illinois, Clint Walker’s entry into the entertainment industry began long after his marriage to Verna. His portrayal of Cheyenne Bodie in “Cheyenne,” a 1955 motion picture, catapulted him to fame, kickstarting a four-decade-long career in acting. Walker’s deep voice and compelling presence on screen captured the hearts of audiences, cementing his place in Hollywood history. Beyond acting, he also delved into music, leaving an indelible mark with compositions like “With These Hands” and “Whispering Hope.”

Verna Garver: Her Life Beyond the Limelight

While details about Verna’s professional life remain elusive, her primary focus seemed to center on creating a nurturing home for her family. As Clint Walker ventured into the world of acting, Verna embraced the role of a homemaker, supporting her husband’s endeavors while raising their daughter, Valerie.

The Legacy and Family Continuation

Verna’s passing on November 27, 2014, at the age of 87 marked the end of an era. Her daughter, Valerie Walker, carved her own path, becoming one of the pioneering female pilots in both the United States and abroad. After her aviation career, Valerie transitioned into teaching martial arts, following in her mother’s footsteps of determination and resilience.

Verna’s grandson, Cory Patton, became a cherished part of her life. Involved in his upbringing, Verna contributed significantly to shaping his character, leaving an enduring impact on her family’s generations to come.

Remembering Verna Garver

Verna’s final resting place in the Mountain View Memorial Estates Cemetery in Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake County, Utah, stands as a testament to her life’s journey. Her departure from this world leaves behind a legacy intertwined with the story of Clint Walker, a man who would become an icon in Hollywood.

While Verna Garver’s life may not have unfolded on the silver screen, her presence and influence endure through the cherished memories of her loved ones. Her story, though oftentimes eclipsed by the spotlight cast on Clint Walker, remains a poignant chapter in the tapestry of Hollywood’s history.


Verna Lucille Garver Walker’s life echoes the tales of many unsung heroes behind the glamorous facade of Hollywood. Her journey, interwoven with love, family, and the companionship of a legendary figure, exemplifies a legacy that transcends the boundaries of fame. As we reflect on her life, we honor her enduring spirit and the indelible mark she left on the lives of those she loved.

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