What are Some Countries That are Considered The Least Safe

After having the two most unhappening incidents like the world pandemic Covid 19 and Russia Ukraine war the world peace has fallen to the lowest level and people are more concerned to migrate in other countries. Most of the country faces political insecurity, terrorism, and many more issues that pushed them back in terms of safety. 

Measuring the safety of a country relies on various factors like crime rate, political stability, social violence, and various other factors. The safety is evaluated by the GPI by considering the above-given facts and then enlisting them from the Safest to least safe country from top to bottom.

Today we will explore the country considered the least safe countries in this post. Go through the post. 

Least Safe Country


With the increase in violence, Syria is among the least safest country in the globe. The ongoing civil war against the president of the country that is persisting for about 10 years has snatched the lives of millions of civilians and is responsible for a huge wreck in the country. 


After a long duration, Afganisthna gets freedom from the Taliban 20 years ago. The failure of governance makes them recapture the country again and makes it the most dangerous country in the world. The country is full of violence and unethical activities running within that are happening in the Taaliban Raj. 


When it comes to a safe country, Iraq is not considered a safe and secure country as militant activity is running and the country is facing a political crisis and violence is on the top in various parts of the country.


For many years, Somalia has faced political instability, a lack of effective governance, and ongoing conflict. The country is affected by piracy, terrorism, and high crime rates, making it one of the least safe countries.


Among the least safe country Yemen is facing a lot of challenges due to active Islamist militants, US Drone strikes and many more factors are responsible for lack of food and water in the country which makes it less preferable among visitors.

South Sudan

Various internal conflicts and extensive violence spread across the country makes South Sudan the most dangerous country to live. According to GPI, the country has noticed an increase in crime rates after gaining independence in 2011 and humanitarianism is in danger in the country.


Libya is prone to violence and terrorism due to the existence of multiple armed groups which creates political turmoil in the country. In the current scenario, the country is not said safest country to live in the globe.

Due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, GPI has noticed a decline in the safety of both the country and pushed them among the pretty less safe country. 

However, it is noticed that terrorism has declined in recent years, but still, there are so many factors that make the country unsafe.  Before moving to any other country, you should always take the advisories and warnings issued by your own government that will make you informed about the latest safety concerns and potential risks of that specific country.

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