Customer Feedback – Definition, Importance, And Examples

Customers are the heart and soul of your business. Because your customers only have the power to make your product successful or a total failure. 

So, if you are in the process of launching a new product then you are probably going to look into the customer feedback of your competitors that helps you to bring a refined product into the market. Also, if your existing product has any loophole then customer feedback will help in bringing that to your notice. Thus, positive changes can make your product more approachable to your targeted audience.  

We will explore customer feedback, its importance, and the best customer reviews examples in this blog. 

So keep yourself hooked to this blog to know more. 

Explaining In Detail About Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback can be best defined as the details about the experience of the customers regarding the products or services that they have used. You can ask your customers to share their feedback which will provide you with different insights about your business. Basically, customer feedback is the testaments of the customers in respect to your products and services which can be both positive and negative. This helps you to focus on the area of improvement from the lens of customers. The main aim of customer feedback is to bring improvement and growth to your business including attracting new customers. 

Exploring The Perks Of Customer Feedback:

There is a plethora of benefits that can be enjoyed by a company from customer feedback. We already learned positive customer feedback helps a company to nurture loyal customers. This is why today companies are opting to add a customer review widget on website to influence the purchasing decisions of their visitors. 

Let’s dig into the additional benefits of customer feedback that can be enjoyed by a company.

a). Help in product upgradation

It is a fact that with time the expectations and choices of customers evolve. Here customer feedback will help companies understand customer needs and make required changes to their product to meet expectations. Thus, customer feedback is a crucial part of a company’s market research. 

b). The best source of information 

Others’ opinions about a product matter more than any commercials to other customers. This is not a new thing. And today customer feedback has become digital word of mouth for other customers. Potential customers have access to the most reliable source of information about the product through customer feedback where existing customers have shared their genuine reviews after using the product. It helps the customers to scrap out the poor businesses and select the best ones. 

c). Helps to retain customers

There is always a probability that an unhappy customer will find a better alternative to your product. So, customer feedback helps companies identify those dissatisfied customers and helps to determine where improvement is needed in the products. Thus immediately reacting to feedback and fixing the problem of customers you can retain your valuable customers. And also enhance the level of your loyalty. 

Thus, customer feedback works in two ways, crucial for both business and customers. 

Modern Customer Feedback Tools:

With Customer feedback tools businesses can able to collect feedback automatically and gather data from the feedback. By analyzing those data brands prepare to deliver the best customer experience. But sometimes it is not easy for businesses to choose the right customer feedback tool.

If you are getting confused about which customer feedback tool to choose that best serves your business goals. Then let’s make it easy for you. Here are the 3 of the best customer feedback tools that you can choose from are:

  • Tagembed, 
  • Yotpo, and 
  • Elfsight.

5 Best Customer Feedback Examples Of Layout From Tagembed:

Tagembed is one of the best aggregator tools, users can easily collect, curate, and embed content from different sources including different review platforms. Users can easily collect valuable feedback and create a customer review widget with the help of the Tagembed tool. It lets users aggregate the customer feedback from their different choice of connections. Users get different options to select from, which include, fonts, themes, layout, color, etc., to design the widget according to their preferred style. Tagembed tool also comes with the option of a profanity filter, it lets the user filter out the unnecessary contents from the widget.

For displaying a captivating customer reviews widget on the website users need to customize it keeping some of the theme ideas in their mind. That is why we have shared with you the following customer review examples below that are provided by Tagembed. Have a look into them. 

1. Review Carousel

We are starting off our customer review example list with the Review Carousel option. It is one of the famous examples because it lets users show the contents all at once.

The review carousel theme lets the visitors go through one customer feedback at a time and swipe it if they want to read more feedback, making it easy for the visitors to read the reviews.

2. Sidebar widget

The second in our list that we are going to highlight here is the sidebar widget. This option lets users add customer reviews on the side of the website. Additionally, if any discount is going on your website you can show it as well with this widget.

You can easily convert your visitors into your loyal customers by displaying the reviews in the sidebar widget. As there will be no confusion among your customers for making their purchase decision, they can easily go through the reviews on your website. 

3. Review box 

Here comes another excellent option to add customer reviews on the website with the Review Box theme. Show your customer reviews in the style of a square box on the website with this theme. 

It allows brands to add any number of reviews at one time which makes it the best. Show all the 5-star ratings along with the customer reviews at the same place in a synchronized form using this theme. 

4. Testimonial slider or classic carousel

Your visitors find it alluring to read customer reviews when you show them using the Testimonial slider on your website. Brands can showcase the customer reviews on their website in the detailed layout showing the rating in the rectangle box with the Testimonial sliders. 

With a classic carousel, you can make your website look attractive, presentable, and organized at the same time. Thus your visitors will have a detailed knowledge of your brand from the perspective of your existing customers. 

5. Snap card 

We are now closing off our list with the last customer review example we have is the Snap Card. This theme is one of the most preferred and popular amongst the others as it shows the customer feedback to the visitors in the card style. 

Its aesthetic style of view makes it attractive to visitors. So it will be quite difficult to ignore even a single piece of feedback by the website visitors if brands use this theme to show the customers feedback on their official website. 

Final Statement

We are at the end of our article, and businesses should know that according to Dixa 92% of the customers don’t feel confident in the products which have zero customer feedback. This is the time when brands should take customer feedback seriously.

Now that you know the importance of customer feedback. We have also explained to you about the different customer feedback examples in this article. So, add a customer review widget on your website and bring fruitful results. 

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