Quinn Fogle: Navigating Childhood in the Shadow of Scandal and Resilience

Quinn Fogle, at just 11 years old, is a young individual whose life story is intricately woven with both privilege and adversity. Born to Jared Scott, the former face of Subway, and Kathleen McLaughlin, an American teacher, Quinn’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of her parents’ tumultuous relationship, Jared’s meteoric rise to fame, and the shocking scandal that led to his imprisonment. Despite the challenges, Quinn remains dedicated to her studies, prioritizing her education and maintaining a low profile in the public eye.

Family Background:

Quinn’s early years were spent in the United States, surrounded by her family, including her younger brother, Brady Fogle. Her grandparents, Norman and Adrienne Fogle, stand proudly as part of her support system. Born to Jared and Katie in 2013, Quinn’s parents met during their academic pursuits at Indiana University. However, their marriage faced a significant setback, leading to a divorce in 2015, following Jared’s arrest on charges related to child exploitation.

Jared Scott’s Rise to Fame:

Jared Scott became a household name through his remarkable weight loss journey, shedding 245 pounds with a Subway sandwich diet. His transformation was featured in Men’s Health, leading to a successful advertising campaign for Subway that began in 2000. Jared became an iconic figure for the brand, starring in numerous ads and even inspiring a South Park episode. Despite his Subway role ending in 2008, Jared explored various opportunities, including WWE appearances and roles in the Sharknado film series.

Jared’s Downfall:

The fame that once surrounded Jared Scott took a dark turn when disturbing revelations about his inappropriate attraction to young girls came to light. Admitting to these actions, Jared was reported to the FBI by radio host Rochelle Herman-Walrond, leading to his arrest in 2015. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 15 years and eight months in prison.

Katie McLaughlin’s Response:

Katie McLaughlin, Quinn’s mother, did not know about Jared’s criminal activities during their marriage. The shocking truth emerged when the FBI visited their home, prompting Katie to file for divorce and seek sole custody of their children. Katie expressed anger at Jared for failing as a father and not ensuring their child’s safety. Allegations that Subway may have been aware of Jared’s crimes raised ethical concerns.

Jared’s Prison Experience:

From prison, Jared shared a heartfelt letter expressing regret for his actions and acknowledging the gravity of his mistakes. He reflected on the impact of his choices on his family and expressed a longing for reconnection. Despite his imprisonment, Jared’s letter revealed a sense of hope for the future.

Kathleen’s Concern for Her Children:

Kathleen McLaughlin prioritized shielding her children from the fallout of the scandal. The kids faced challenges in understanding their father’s actions, and Kathleen hoped Subway would provide answers. She revealed that before the accusations surfaced, Jared’s commitments were primarily focused on Subway-related matters, impacting his active participation in parenting.

Legal Controversy:

In 2016, Kathleen filed a legal case against Subway, claiming the company had prior knowledge of Jared’s harmful actions toward children. However, the lawsuit was dismissed in 2017, highlighting the complexities of legal proceedings and challenges in substantiating certain allegations.

Quinn’s Present and Future:

Quinn, now 11, resides in Indiana with her mother and brother. Her family’s decision to move was driven by concerns for safety and security, especially after Jared’s arrest. Despite the challenges, Quinn’s family prioritizes her well-being, and her mother took proactive steps to shield her from the media glare. Quinn, currently focused on her studies, has not ventured into the public eye, maintaining a low profile in today’s digital age.


Quinn Fogle’s young life is marked by the complexities of fame, scandal, and resilience. Her parents’ tumultuous relationship, Jared’s rise to fame, and subsequent fall from grace have shaped her early years. Through it all, Quinn remains dedicated to her studies, surrounded by a family that prioritizes her safety and well-being.

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